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Our Mission

We wish to encourage the use of intuition, reduce suffering and share practical tools that guide each individual to their greatest personal expression. We want you to know you are enough no matter what you may think, you have unlimited potential no matter what anyone says and that you have a gift that is uniquely yours no matter if you believe it or not. We wish to support you in seeing it, harnessing it and proudly sharing it with the world. 

Our team


Michael Jasilewicz jr

Human Potential Coach

MJ left home at 17 to  enjoy careers in the USAF, acting, restaurants and nightclubs before owning and operating a successful marketing company, restaurants and lounges of his own in a major casino in Las Vegas, NV. 


He was reluctantly introduced to personal development after burning out and experienced something that changed the course of his life forever. MJ made a promise to learn and share the lessons that changed his perception of the world. 

He went on to train over 1,000 business leaders, speak to teenagers on self-worth and form OTP to support others in knowing they matter and can live life by their design no matter what society tells you.


MJ is a dreamer, activist for indigenous people and human who overcame countless failures, depression and bankruptcy to teach others to do the same.


  • United States Air Force

  • UMASS Lowell

  • 20-Year Entrepreneur

  • Opened Over 2 Dozen Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

  • Lives and Travels Internationally

Certifications & Awards:

Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionist

Certified Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultant

Human Design Apprentice

Airman of the Year - United States Air Force

Restaurateur of the Year - Las Vegas

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