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Weekly Coaching

Clarity for the Struggling Business Owner - 90 Day

  • 30 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

You don't know why you're struggling. You either have a business that is stuck in the mud and it's frustrating as hell because you follow advice from those that have made it. Every book sounds good and all the experts have had success so why can't you? Here the problem, you aren't them! It sounds good that if you model someone's efforts you can have the same success, but there are exceptions to that rule. Working harder and grinding out 80+ hour weeks will not always make you successful no matter what the select few say. Knowing how to direct your long hours is more productive than just working them. Time to get you working for you and not the clock. A weekly session is a maximum of 30 minutes. This is not a therapy session. This is about Maximizing Your Potential with practical tools and direct discussions. This is only for those who are committed and ready to do the work. This is for YOU to finally design what you are rightfully here to experience!

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