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To reach a specific personal or professional goal, it's crucial to know where you are starting from and what expertise you truly have.

The common advice to emulate others to achieve similar success oversimplifies the journey. If replicating Warren Buffet's investment strategies was all it took, wouldn't everyone be a billionaire?

Success isn't merely the result of hard work and the right tools. It's about crafting a personalized roadmap that begins with your unique gifts, rather than mimicking someone else's journey.

Each person holds the key to their own success, shaped by their individual blueprint.


By assisting you in uncovering your true self, your life's purpose, and the means to achieve genuine fulfillment, you gain a clear understanding of your starting point and the route to your desired outcome.

meet Mj - Human Potential Coach

By the age of 30, Michael had transcended his modest origins to establish a business worth millions. His days were filled with interactions with top-tier celebrities, and he reveled in the vibrant and exhilarating lifestyle that came with spending $2.5 million annually on lavish parties in Las Vegas.

However, beneath the veneer of success, Michael's achievements came at a high cost. He found himself overextended, battling health issues, and feeling a profound sense of emptiness. The toll on his personal life was stark, with his engagement ending, his health deteriorating to the point where his doctor inquired about a family history of cancer, and physical exhaustion leading to a collapse.

In the aftermath, Michael embarked on a journey of transformation. He has since uncovered and shared the insights that reshaped his understanding of success, steering him from a state of despair to a life brimming with happiness.

Today, along with coaching, Michael is COO and partner of an investment company with operating interests in production, botanical development and distribution.

Michael Jasilewicz Jr



"MJ guided me down a path that would provide not only success, but, more importantly, self-worth and a vision. Through conversation and mentoring, MJ guided me to a brighter future.

Tony c.

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