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Image by Jonathan Chng

Maximize Your life.

by Knowing Where to Start

Your Journey



If you want to arrive at a desired location, you’ll first have to know where to start.

So often we are told to model someone else to get what they have. If it were that simple, why isn’t everyone a billionaire by just copying Warren Buffet's investments?

It’s not just work ethic and good tools that create success. It’s beginning with a map that takes your starting point into account and not the starting point of someone else. 

We all have the potential for our own success, but we have our unique blueprint. By helping you discover who you really are, your purpose here in this life, and how you can truly experience fulfillment, you’ll know EXACTLY where you are starting from and the path to reach your destination. 

meet Mj - Human Potential Coach


By 30, Michael had surpassed his humble beginnings by building a multi-million dollar business, enjoying daily interactions with A-List celebrities and immersing himself in an atmosphere of fun and excitement spending $2.5 million a year partying on The Strip in Las Vegas. 


Although appearing successful on the surface, attaining his goals left him burnt out, unhealthy and unfulfilled. His fiancé left, his doctor asked if cancer ran in the family and Michael collapsed from exhaustion. 


Michael now shares his secrets that reset his idea of success and brought him from desperation to a life filled with joy.

Michael Jasilewicz Jr



"MJ guided me down a path that would provide not only success, but, more importantly, self-worth and a vision. Through conversation and mentoring, MJ guided me to a brighter future.

Tony c.

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