“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 

Throughout childhood, I was encouraged by adults to become a doctor, lawyer or IT professional. Why? Because “it paid well”. This made me curious about the different ways people found success. 

We all have a natural GENIUS. When we work in that genius, it is effortless, productive and fun. This is our FLOW. The best way to grow is to focus on the attributes you do well and double down on that. 

You begin by recognizing your own unique and beautiful talent first. Not what you and everyone thinks it is, but what you innately are. Then you can do this with your team or your family. This process highlights the best types of people to partner with so you can constantly create synergy, flow and profit in your business and life. 

I help you and/or your teams identify your genius and work in your flow. Together, we maximize your processes so your company and team run at peak performance. This creates a productive environment that creates exponential growth in profit, fun and effectiveness. 

FLOW Consultation

Have you ever experienced FLOW? This is the path of least resistance. The key to success is learning to live and work in FLOW all the time! 

Team Talent Dynamics

Once you know your GENIUS, you have a new found perspective and a clear path towards success. Don't improve weaknesses. Utilize strengths and have the entire team work in their GENIUS.  


Keynote Speaking

MJ is passionate about recognizing your strengths as early as possible. Enjoys speaking to young adults and teenagers with a focus on Entrepreneurship Thinking and owning your own destiny.

O.T.P. Blog

Get over your excuses and take ACTION!

"MJ has the uncanny ability to touch people's lives and inspire them to achieve greater things. Through my ups and downs I have always relied on MJ for support and advice. MJ always delivers. With him in your corner, you’re sure to succeed."

Brian Norris

"MJ guided me down a path that would provide not only success, but, more importantly, self-worth and a vision. Through conversation, mentoring, setting goals, MJ guided me to a brighter future. Today, I awake and stand confident and know that today I will be a better leader at my job, a better friend to those I value and a better father to my son."

Tony Cordovana

"You have made such a difference in my life both professionally and personally and I can never thank you enough for that. It is very rare that we come across someone who makes such an impact on us and I could never dream of or buy the advice and mentorship you have given me. I just wanted to express how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me both professionally and personally."

Kim Englisch

"MJ is never phased by the linear end point. He has high level “out of the box” strategies that he brings to the table sharing his passion, knowledge and drive. He takes time to understand strengths and weaknesses to build teams that want to work with him and be the best they can be because he is a genuine person and a true leader."

Michelle Bonos


Take the path of least resistance and learn how to be your most effective self by experiencing your FLOW...


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